Mayumi is a Solo artist/singer-songwriter residing in Manila. Music is her main tool for expression.
     Through her musical vibes and melodies she sings about love we find in our day to day experiences.
     She hopes, through every chorus she sings and every verse she hums, that we find truth and
     entertainment in her songs.
     Heavily influenced by Electronic pop, she kept it crazy and decided to add a dash of dance-rock
     to her flavor. She aims to write songs that’ll fill you with power and get you dancing before the
     song is over. Besides being an energetic performer on stage, she's an experienced
     Events Host, print/ramp model, Dancer, Cosplayer and fashion designer. Get ready to be tantalized
     as this multi-talented powerhouse performs her raw music direct from her soul and straight
     to your ear drums.
     "I look up to a lot of gifted female singer-songwriters. I carefully study them to get inspired
     in molding my own style in performing and lyric writing." She admires such artists like
     Ellie goulding, Tegan and Sara, Lights, Shiina Ringo, Katy Perry, Hayley Williams,
     Marina and the Diamonds, Yuki of Judy and Mary.

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